It is often said that ‘children are the future.’ Well, whether that’s true or not, they are the biggest treasure in any family’s store!  We understand that there is no more highly valued thing in any parent’s life and that the care of their children will be above all other things.  The board of directors at AbiCare includes trained teachers who were actively working in schools prior to joining AbiCare. We are a company that understands children, as well as being delighted that we can support them.  Sometimes we are asked to care for children as the primary client, sometimes we care for the children of our clients who are disabled, and this works very well.

Like all our client groups, we won’t try to do everything ourselves; we always include family, social services, educational services and housing providers where appropriate to ensure that the child-centered care package is truly the best for your child. And because we value children so highly, if we really think we aren’t the people you need we will tell you so very early on!