Adults with Mental Health Needs

 AbiCare understands that mental health issues have wide ranging implications for the whole family.

When talking to the family or the client in order to either develop a package, or deliver it, we want our carers to be interested in the whole person and what they may have been like when they were younger.  We expect our carers to talk and listen, but mostly listen!  However well we get to know a client there will always be huge gaps, so we will ask family members and friends.  We encourage them all to reminisce.  We like our carers to think about the clients whole life in all its rich nature; their pleasures and satisfaction, the things they find fulfilling and of course the things they do not enjoy.

One of the many concerns around mental health issues, especially when added to age or physical impairment, is the range of ‘-isms’; Ageism, racial discrimination, discrimination based on physique or mental attributes.  These might not even be entirely visible, but our carers are always on the lookout for them and ready to support the client when, and if, they crop up.

If you feel you have a need for care for a loved one with mental health issues please get in touch with us.