Adults with Learning Disabilities

The range of symptoms classed as mental health issues is vast, spanning quite mild Learning Disabilities through to severe mental incapacity, thus the range of care or support for living required to be provided is also vast. At AbiCare we do not pretend to have all the answers nor all the provisions that anyone could possibly want. What we do have though is the skill to assess what we can and cannot do for you, and then offer you our advice if not our services. And remember, talking to us costs nothing!

Children or adults with learning disabilities, however severe, have really quite unique needs and it is not every care provider that feels they can be involved with the the care package, but here at AbiCare we know we can. We have experience with all ages of learning disabled people and understand not only the principles but the practice of Person Centered care and Assisted Living. Our carers will put together an agreed package of support, which may include the AbiLink service if the disability is mild, and then ensure that the package is implemented and runs smoothly.

Of course, in any learning disabled person’s life there is not just one carer but a whole team: educational professionals, care professionals, perhaps occupational specialists and housing providers as well as immediate family. We at AbiCare know this and we only ever aim to be a part of the support team; how big a part depends on what we are asked to do.

Our person centered plans for the care package will ensure that the required outcomes and goals are always tackled and achieved in the way you want.

AbiCare does not operate any form of sheltered housing, but we are able to provide social inclusion and rehabilitation services within the clients home and local environs. We can act as escorts if this is desirable.