Our carers will visit your home when you want them to, for as long as you want them to and as frequently as you want them to. Our minimum call period by law is only fifteen minutes but depending on how rural you are that might not be practical.  There’s not much that can be done in fifteen minutes.

The carer who visits you will stay for the duration of the visit but not simply leave you ‘in the lurch’ at the end of the designated period, he or she will ensure that when they leave you are safe and happy. If it becomes obvious that the agreed length of visit is inappropriate, being too long or too short, then it can be changed.

Often our staff are only asked to attend at the start and end of the day to assist with getting up and going to bed, other clients want help with a variety of other tasks such as preparing a meal or having a shower etc. All these things are possible because our carers are there to help you have a better independence.

All visits will conform to the agreed care plan and any work carried out during the visit will be recorded in your files, which are kept at your home and also in the AbiCare office.

We try to ensure that you always get the same carer but if this is not possible, due for example to holiday or sickness, then we will provide another equally well trained carer to visit you.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.