AbiLive-In Care

AbiLive-In is exactly what it says; our carer lives in the home of the person being cared for. They become a part of your household, working closely with you to help in your daily care needs.

Having a live in carer isn’t for everyone – remember that the carer will be in your home all the time, day and night. It is very important that you and the carer get on. We spend time assessing your requests and finding carers that suit your needs. This helps to ensure the package runs smoothly and everyone remains happy. Mind you, if you don’t get on we will very quickly change the carer for you until we find one that you do like.

The benefits of Live-In care are: It means that you stay at home however poorly or incapacitated you are. If your only alternative choice is a care home (and if you don’t want that) then live in care is for you. Your carer will be there to look after you during the day and night, but how they do that, and when they do things for you, is always up to you. If you are used to having meals at a certain time, then that will continue. The food you eat will also be your choice. You will have greater flexibility, more opportunity and a bespoke individual service which will enable you to still live at home.

Of course, one carer cannot look after you 24 hours a day every day of the year, they will also need time off. So we provide at least TWO carers to alternate in your package. This means you get a small team who get to know how you like tasks done and who work closely with you to achieve continuity around your care needs. Furthermore, once a day your Live-In carer must have two free hours off duty and quite how this is achieved depends on your circumstances. Perhaps your family will come in or perhaps we send a relief carer to cover their time off. We work closely with you and your family to determine how best we cover your needs.


There are probably many questions you have about Live-In care, so let’s look at the most common ones!

Will my carer wear a uniform?

That’s entirely up to you! WE find clients generally prefer that they don’t but they are available for all our staff and it’s your choice.

Do they need a “granny flat”?

Not usually no, however, they do need their own bedroom. AbiCare is all about achieving a BETTER independence.

Will my carer be a man or a woman?

We have both available and you are welcome to choose what best suits your needs!

What if I don’t like the carer or if I change my mind about Live-In care?

Simply call us, or tell the carer and it will be sorted out for you by your local office.

Can I trust the carer?

Yes, absolutely in every way. All our carers have full employment, police and personal record checks prior to working with us.

Will my carer do the cooking for me?

Our carers are happy to do the tasks you need to remain at home well. They each have a different level of catering skills and once we understand what is important to you we can find the right carer to suit your needs.

Will the carer clean my house?

The carers will be expected to do light cleaning and tidying duties whilst living in your house.

Why should I choose AbiLive-In

Because we are the best! Fully checked and vetted, CQC & CIW rated and with good testimonials from our satisfied clients we are proud of the service we offer. Please feel free to try our services with no long term commitment, all we need is 24 hours notice of cancellation.

What if I don’t like my first carer?

Remember, living with someone is not the same as being visited by them a couple of times a day! We work hard to find the right carer for you. We have a large pool of staff who have worked with us for a long time, have received our training, know the standard required of them and understand that they need to work with you to help you achieve your outcomes. Sometimes this can take time and we find with careful planning and good communication we are able to select the right carer for you.

What next? If you think you might want a Live-In carer why not give it a try? You can talk to us and we will arrange everything so that you can “see how it goes”. If you like the arrangement we can find a small team of permanent carers for you but if you feel it’s not for you we can look at other arrangements or solutions.