If you don’t want a personal carer to come and be with you, but you do want ready contact at any time of the day or night, or if you want to be able to see and hear your relatives at any time, then AbiLink might be for you.

AbiLink is a unique offering from AbiCare. Using our innovative touch screen or remote-controlled Link unit you can access AbiCare, have a phone or video conversation with family, friends or us, go shopping, watch TV or films, access church services, art classes or pretty much anything of interest to you. Your Link unit is yours and it will be fully configured to suit you.

Using AbiLink is a perfectly safe and pleasurable experience; no one can access your data, your history or your bank account! Our current and growing group of users find that using AbiLink has enriched their lives immeasurably. Many of our elderly users enjoy using AbiLink to keep tabs on what their grandchildren are up to, watching them change day by day or now even seeing the certificates they have won at school. Video calling through AbiLink is so much more than a phone call – it’s more of a visit!

The internet can be both frightening and unfathomable for older people; AbiLink removes both challenges at a stroke. Taking up no more room than any flat screen monitor and requiring only a broadband connection (which we will get fitted) AbiLink is changing the face of care across the world.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.