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Convalescent Care

In an ideal world, perhaps, when you come out of hospital or are simply recovering after an incident, you would be looked after by your family or friends. Increasingly however this is not possible; With our family and friends busy at work or living too far away, they cannot always be with us to help with our care needs.

So, for whatever reason, if you find yourself at home but with limited mobility or energy, you need someone to care for you, maybe once or twice a day, or maybe all day every day. AbiCare can help you to regain full health. We understand how frustrating it can be to have your personal capacities limited and offer whatever assistance you may need to assist your recovery.

So, if you are recently out of hospital or recovering from an accident or incident, or need some help with re-enablement at home, we will assist you in whatever manner you require until you are confidently able to manage either with our continued support or on your own.

Please call us to discuss your needs – preferably before your visit to hospital so that we are ready to help you as soon as you wish us to start. This service is provided by AbiCare and you can find it by clicking the AbiCare butterfly.


If you don’t want a personal carer to come and be with you, but you need some extra support at any time of the day or night, or if you want to be able to see and hear your relatives at any time, then AbiLink might be for you.

AbiLink is a unique offering from AbiCare. Using our innovative touch screen or remote-controlled Link unit you can access a trained carer who is familiar to you, have a phone or video conversation with family, friends or us, go shopping, watch TV or films, access church services, art classes or activities that are of interest to you. Your Link unit is yours and it will be fully configured to suit you.

Using AbiLink is a perfectly safe and pleasurable experience; no one can access your data, your history or your bank account! Our current and growing group of users find that using AbiLink has enriched their lives immeasurably. Many of our elderly users enjoy using AbiLink to keep tabs on what their grandchildren are up to, watching them change day by day or even seeing the certificates they have won at school. Video calling through AbiLink is so much more than a phone call – it’s more of a visit!

For some of us the internet can be both frightening and unfathomable; AbiLink removes both challenges at a stroke. Taking up no more room than any modest TV and requiring only a broadband connection (which we will get fitted) AbiLink is changing the face of care across the world.

Please contact us to discuss your needs. CONTACT BUTTON To see more about it please press the AbiLink butterfly.

Relief care and Outings

Sometimes you don’t want a care package at all, you just want someone to be with you or with a relative for a period of time whilst the regular carer is having a break or otherwise not available. You may want to be taken shopping, to the park, the cinema, an excercise class or Bingo. We can do all these things and more. Please call us and tell us what you want: we will be delighted to help you keep motivated and involved in any of your usual activities!

Please contact us to discuss your needs. CONTACT BUTTON To see more about it please press the AbiCare butterfly.


Home Care

Our carers will visit your home when you want them to, for as long as you want them to and as frequently as you want them to. Our minimum call period is only fifteen minutes but depending on how rural you are that might not be practical.

The carer who visits you will stay for the duration of the visit and at the end of the designated period, he or she will ensure that you are left in an appropriate manner. If it becomes obvious that the agreed length of visit is not suitable, being too long or too short, then it can be changed.

Often our staff are only asked to attend at the start and end of the day to assist with getting up and going to bed. Other clients want help with a variety of other tasks during the day such as meal preparation, household help or companionship.

All visits will conform to the agreed care plan and any work carried out during the visit will be recorded in your files which are kept at your home and also in the AbiCare office.

We try to ensure that you have a small team of carers who will get to know you and your preferences, this ensures continuity during holidays and bouts of sickness but if this is not possible, then we will provide another equally well trained carer to visit you.

Please contact us to discuss your needs. CONTACT BUTTON. This service is provided by AbiCare so please press the AbiCare butterfly.

Live In Care

For some clients the choice is between going to live in a Care Home or having a carer live in their home permanently. A Live-In carer at home leaves you in familiar surroundings with your memories and belongings, and the safety and comfort of your own home. You will usually be assigned two carers who will get to know you and your routines and provide a seamless service as each carer needs time off for holidays.
Our Live-In carers will need to have a two hour break each day and we will ensure that either your family or our home carers cover this period.

All our carers receive ongoing training and security checks.

Please contact us to discuss your needs. CONTACT BUTTON. This service is provided by AbiLive-In so please press the AbiLive-In butterfly.

Respite Care

Often it is families or friends who look after relatives and whilst this is a natural thing to want to do it can be exhausting. Such ‘unpaid carers’ are often left feeling tired with no way of getting a holiday to ‘charge up the batteries’. Well, why not let AbiCare take the strain whilst you are away? We will have a full hand over with you, agree a full care package and ensure that you can go away on holiday in absolute certainty that your relative is cared for as well by us as he or she was by you. If you want to retain full daily contact – why not install an AbiLink unit for the period?

Please contact us to discuss your needs. CONTACT BUTTON Please see more by pressing the AbiCare butterfly.


Abi Gold is the service for you if you are paying for the service yourself and want full Personal Private Health Attendance. If the services you can see elsewhere on this site don’t quite fit the bill please contact us to discuss your precise needs.

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