How to Choose a Service

Choosing a care package can be a bewildering time, so we are happy to spend time discussing your needs and signposting you where appropriate to any other help that may be available to you.
We provide a variety of packages and services and each of these can be seen in detail by using the browse buttons at the top of the page under the heading “What service would you like?”.

In order to choose a service you need to consider who is paying for it and what you would like to achieve.

Your service can be funded in several ways, either privately or through your local Social Services: as a package commissioned by a social worker/ social care team or you asking for a direct payment to afford more choice. Working your way through Social Services can be challenging so we at AbiCare will spend time with you if you want us to, to help you get the best outcome.

What are you trying to achieve?

It can sometimes be difficult to determine what you are after from your care package. Some elderly or vulnerable people, for example, don’t like the idea of being “cared for”, equally, some families would rather do the caring themselves yet have to admit that modern life simply precludes it. Perhaps they live too far away, they work long hours or they have other dependents. Either way when choosing a package or service level please bear in mind the future as well as the present. Mind you, AbiCare understand that sometimes you just need assistance right now. We really will work with you now, tomorrow and next year!

We offer escalating levels of service:

For any of our services we complete an assessment of your needs, discuss the outcomes you wish to achieve, then work closely with you to determine the best way forward.

I don’t want a carer but I do want contact!

This service involves no pre-determined carer visits but the client has access to carers, the web and other clients via the AbiLink devices. Carers WILL visit if they get emergency AbiLink calls or if, during normal calls, they sense all is not well. This service is AbiLink and Abilink can be used to supplement any of the other services.

I’m going into hospital for a short while and I know I’ll need help for a week or two when I get out.

Leaving hospital is never easy; even simple tasks like boiling a kettle can suddenly become very challenging. AbiCare can provide a carer for the whole recovery period or just a part of it. We are happy to work closely with you during your recovery, adapting and tailoring our service to suit your needs. This service is Convalescent Care.

I don’t want a carer but I’d like to meet someone each day, perhaps to take me out for some fresh air.

A carer will visit the home to simply sit in and make a cup of tea or to take you out to the shops or the park. This is less of a care role and more of a companion. This service is Home Care but use the button marked Sits and Outings.

I do want a carer to come along each day and help me with a few things.

A carer or home help will visit the home for a pre-determined period, an agreed number of times per day at an agreed time of day to carry out pre-agreed tasks. The duration and frequency of visits will be agreed between you and AbiCare and this is thereafter known as a ‘care package’. Although it is all pre-agreed so that you know exactly what you are getting it can be changed at any time provided it can be paid for. This service is Home Care.

I want to stay at home but it’s getting increasingly difficult or dangerous.

If a visit, or several visits, each day won’t be enough a carer can move into the home and actually live there. A live in carer has some huge advantages, not least of which is help and support 24 hours a day. This means that you can stay at home, in familiar surroundings and not have to move into a care or nursing home. This service is Live-In.

I look after my relative but really need a break.

Sometimes, however much we try, we need a rest from caring! Professional carers have duty limits enshrined in law, yet family members can be expected to be on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and we appreciate how hard that can be. AbiCare can provide respite care for you in this case. You go away on holiday for a week or two and we will look after your relative. You will come home refreshed and with your batteries recharged and your relative well looked after. This service is Respite Care.

I’m paying for this service myself and I want more of a Private Assistant whatever it costs.

Some people do not want a carer at all, they want more of a housekeeper or Private Personal Assistant who may, or may not, be a nurse or carer. These are very personal and complex choices but AbiCare can provide such a service. This service is AbiGold.

I don’t need care at all, I just want my house cleaned!

This is very simple…you need AbiClean!
All of our cleaners are CRB / DBS checked and they all have references. We train and check all our cleaners as soon as they start and we keep in touch with all of our clients to ensure ongoing satisfaction. Please call us or email us and we will help you get the sparkle back into you home!