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Hello, and welcome to the website of AbiLink.

amp-portraitWhen I started the AbiGroup nearly ten years ago it was with one intention: to challenge and change the face of care in this country and thats exactly what we are doing.  But AbiLink is something different again;  I think it offers something totally new in the care market and I invite you to read on and discover for yourself the exciting advantages of this service.

Consider this: what is the internet?  Online shopping?  Online films? radio? Chess?   All these things, and more, are what many, many people take for granted.  The internet is not a device or a ‘thing’ but a tool that makes daily life today so very interesting, easy and fast.  It is convenience;  Yet this convenience is denied anyone who cannot, or will not, use a computer.

So imagine what would happen if ‘the internet’ and ‘computers’ were used but not knowingly so.  Thats exactly what AbiLink is…it is the internet as we know it, for those who do not know it!

Abilink harnesses the power of the internet in a very friendly way. Our Abilink users enjoy the many benefits of the internet such as shopping, television and chatting to friends or carers via video, all in absolute safety.

I started Abicare to give our clients the best possible care and I really think AbiLink is a part of that, so let me personally welcome you to AbiCare.

Anne-Marie Perry. CEO Abicare..

How may we help you?

The fact that you’ve found our website means that you are looking for one of the services we offer. We understand how difficult it is to decide which of the services you need and whether you are ready to begin using a service like AbiCare. Please browse our website using the buttons at the top of this page and get a feel for us. Then when you want to talk to us without any obligation, please feel free to call us, email us or come and visit one of our many offices. We will happily discuss your needs and assist where we can.